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Experience in the Trenches:

In 2018, Attorney Biedak successfully completed a multi-party, dispute involving a local contractor, product efficacy, workmanship, and mitigation.  The case included a $3Mil initial demand and significant  challenges concerning insurance coverage and  liability. The ARBITRATION lasted around  2.5 years,and include almost 30 Arbitration dates. Attorney Biedak's client was more than satisfied with the resolution, and in fact, represents the business in other. less adverse matters to this date.

If your business finds itself in an insurance dispute, or faced with a demand from a former customer/client, please put Attorney Biedak's 20 years of experience to work for you! 



Three Business Conveyances Completed in the Last Half of 2018.

Selling your business, or buying a business is typically very complex, and very high-stakes.   In the last half of 2018, Attorney Biedak guided three clients through large purchases (and one sale) of a/their business.   Currently, Frank has two other business, in various stages of this process.

If you are in the process of looking to buy a business, buy into a Franchise, or sell your business, experience in these specific transactions is vital.

Massachusetts Consumer Protection

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we are fortunate to have a broad, and powerful Consumer Protection Statute.  The laws afford protection for consumers, AND businesses wrong by others in trade and commerce.   The Consumer Protection laws also provide protection to those wronged by Insurance Companies writing coverage/policiies to Massachusetts  individuals, and businesses. If you encounter such a predicament, please be aware that there are steps that must be taken to protect your interests.   Contact Frank for a free consult!