Frank E. Biedak

With over 18 years in practice, representing Massachusetts small businesses in and out of Court, and as a small business owner himself, Frank understands his clients' unique needs.   Attorney Biedak routinely uses  negotiation, litigation, mediation and arbitration as tools to help secure the bestpossible outcomes for his clients.

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Personalized, timely, ethical, honest, and assertive representation.

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Attorney Biedak  is a member in good standing on the Massachsuetts bar, is licensed to practice in the United States First Circuit, and is also a Member of the American Health Lawyer's Association.

Attorney Biedak spent three years practicing at the Law Firm of Belford & Stone in Fall River, MA.   Biedak , concenrtrated  his time in civil litigation, and established a healthcare clientele that he continues to this date.

Practicing since 1998, Attorney Biedak has advocated for hundreds of medical providers, consumers, and local businesses.  He has been involved in multi-million dollar resolutions to, assisting clients through small claims matters.

Come witness the difference honest, assertive counsel can have on your business, or dispute.