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Frank E. Biedak

With 20 years in practice, representing Massachusetts small businesses in and out of Court, and as a small business owner himself, Frank understands his clients' unique needs.   Attorney Biedak routinely uses  negotiation, litigation, mediation and arbitration as tools to help secure the best possible outcomes for his clients.

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Personalized, timely, ethical, honest, and assertive representation.

                               BIEDAK LAW.

Attorney Biedak  is a member in good standing on the Massachhusetts Bar, and  is licensed to practice in the United States First Circuit.

Attorney Biedak spent three years practicing at the Law Firm of Belford & Stone in Fall River, MA.   Biedak , concenrtrated  his time in civil litigation, and representing small businesses from creation, to transfer and sale and up to dissolution.

Practicing since 1998, Attorney Biedak has advocated for hundreds of  consumers, and local businesses.  He has been involved in multi - party-million dollar resolutions to, assisting clients through small claims matters.